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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jungian Psychotherapy/Analysis? This is a form of therapy originally developed by Carl Jung, one of Freud's colleagues. It aims to encourage a creative encounter with your inner world helping to identify where emotional problems are occurring which are affecting the quality of your daily life. Learning to identify the deeper causes of these conflicts can help prevent repeating patterns of maladaptive behaviour.

Ultimately though, Jungians are concerned with the whole person and seek to encourage the growth of elements of the psyche that have as yet remained undeveloped. Dream analysis plays an important part in the process , but an absence of dreams may not necessarily be an impediment to starting therapy. Jungian therapy may be of interest particularly to people working in the arts.

What to Expect. Our first meeting will be a consultation lasting up to 90 minutes and the fee is £80.00. During the consultation we will discuss the problems that bring you here and what you are hoping to achieve through therapy. We will explore your life history and what has contributed to the issues that are troubling you now. Then if you wish to start therapy with me I will arrange a regular time(s) to see you each week. Ideally I like to see you more than once-weekly, where time and money permit. Weekly fees are negotiable depending on income and are payable at the end of each month.

How long will therapy take? The answer is it's as long as a piece of string. However, where there has been much childhood damage, it will take some time, depending on the defences which have been set up during your lifetime to protect you from psychic pain. On the other hand, some people can benefit from brief therapy for a specific issue, say 6 - 12 sessions. A few people find the initial consultation can be sufficient to set them going again.

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